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ITN Foodtech specializes in the development and implementation of projects of factories, warehouses, cold storage facilities and industrial production and processing of food, according to the "PRODUCT IN HANDS" principle.

Our engineers have knowledge, skills, software and equipment to develop and realize each of your ideas into a quality manufactured product designed for the global market.
ITN Foodtech now works with over 30 leading world companies in this field, from the USA, Europe and Japan, with which is realized many projects together. We pay special attention to education and training of employees and customers after-sale support during warranty and post-warranty period. As a rule, until the customer is completely mastered the new technology and equipment, together with him we actively participate in the management of production processes and thus carry extra trainings and education.

Developed and applied technology and "know how" in agriculture and food industry today ITN GROUP successfully transferring in emerging markets.

ITN Seed & Grains is a part of ITN GROUP which offers complete solutions for production of seed maturity principle "PRODUCT IN HANDS" based on customer's request. This includes project management and installation of complete lines for processing of seeds (handling, drying, processing, packaging, automation), as well as equipment for drying, storage and handling of seeds of all kinds.

ITN GROUP is widely involved in Ecological engineering & Management of Renewable Energy, which is based on the strong expertise in this field in accordance with standard ISO 14000 which applies to these projects. We help our clients to take advantage of all available resources in their production chain, from crop residues as an energy source, to factories for processing organic waste and biogas plants. We are also involved in the management of waste water treatment and filtration. Our expertise in this area can raise your production to the highest standards in order to achieve maximum utilization of renewable energy sources with a significant reduction in production costs.

ITN GROUP, by technical documentation, in cooperation produces ancillary equipment and spare parts to connect machines and installation of complete processing lines on "PRODUCT IN HANDS" principle. This includes elevators, transporters, entrance points and bulk receivers, bins and other equipment. All projects are developed in our design office. In the last two years we realized a large number of projects, from the very beginning to the end of the process (including production, installation, training and supervision on-site throughout the production season).

ITN Foodtech offers you complete knowledge and "know how" to implement your ideas in the country and abroad, according to the "PRODUCT IN HANDS!"

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